18 February 2010

EU Bearish , becarefull to the support, wait for the breakout.
GU break a trend line, today it will be bearish. catch you pips now!

17 February still testing the EA running on GU and EU, Total pips 40pips, click on this realtime graph

06 February 2010

Expert Advisor Report :
Friday : 6 February
Total win : 50pips

01 May 2009

Teknik MTF bolinger Band

Timeframe : 30M
MTF_bolinger_band 1H
MTF_bolinger_band 4H

Line yang lebih tebal adalah bolinger band H4
warna hijau mewakili upper band
warna kuning middle band
warna merah adalah lower band.

Open Buy jika.

05 April 2009

Bollinger band technique. This very simple like everyone said Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS).

1. Download the indicator.
2. Open Tf30M.
3. Add the indicator to your chart.
4. Add bollinger band to your chart.

Green line is Upper Band
Blue is middle Band
Red is Lower Band

only sell when current price is under the same band.
example :
Prepare to sell if u see the CS reverse pattern like doji and so on.
You can also open Sell if u see the breakout.

only buy when current price is under the same band. just reverse the sell condition. :D

Good Luck!
any inquiry fell free to contact.

22 April 2008

Using Stochastic on time frame H4,H1,M30,M15, See screen shoot how to use this technique.

25 March 2008

24 March 2008

Using trend line as a support and resistance
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